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Per Page - Per Hour - Per Project
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Full transparency and clear expectations are the key to starting any project off in the right direction. All project agreements are written with full disclosure, and include a full inventory of all information that has been provided and will be provided in return. Project scope is then described as interpreted, specific inclusions and exclusions are listed, and an approximation of drawings sheets to be provided is fully outlined and itemized.

Pricing is simple, upfront, and always includes a clear outline of submittal scope and deliverables. Outside of significant redesigns or scope changes, pricing rarely deviates from what is agreed upon. For most projects; an initial submittal, a design team markup, a clerical markup, and commitment thru as-built is provided.

Lastly, choosing between time, cost, or quality should never be a factor when it comes to shop drawing development. Our aim is to provide all of these elements in a beneficial manner by combining industry knowledge and drafting abilities, to deliver a comprehensive, thoroughly reviewed, and timely drawing package. 

Our goal is to ensure that once submitted, a shop drawing package will require as little examination as possible in order to save time, reduce additional costs, and allow those upstream to maintain focus on completing their scope of work.

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